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It All Started

It all started in 2018 when Jim Wollin and Jeff Hamrick were having one of their “Growing Disciples of Christ Jesus” sessions.  “Yes, Troutman First UMC is doing some good things in the community.”  “Yes, we are part of a missional network with nine other UM churches and we share a major back-to-school mission once a year and it is good.”  “Yes, balancing our church budgets by shrinking our ministry expenditures is a necessary business practice from time to time but not so much a good church practice.”  “Yes, it would be wonderful if our churches worked more together in the community.”


Yes, But How?

How do we make something happen together with other churches within 15 to 30 minutes of each other to strengthen our Christ sharing efforts?  How do we churches work together more effectively and more efficiently to reach out in a unified way to address community needs?  How do we connect joyously?  How do we raise monies?


 Maybe The Answer?

So the thinking caps went on and new concepts began to fill our heads.

  1. Maybe Missional Networks don’t work as well as we would like because they are often obligations more than special callings.

  2. Maybe there needs to be more emphasis on having fun in serving.

  3. Maybe we should look more outside the UMC for resources and ideas.

  4. Maybe we should try new approaches to more effective service.

  5. Maybe it is time to consider an experienced laity leader to lead the way into new ways of thinking and new ways of doing.


So We Started This Way!

As planning sessions started and continued into 2019 and more pastors and laity joined in, a special calling was heard and marvelous momentum was being created resulting in…..

                                                           Open Door Family Care Resources.

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