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                   Jim Wollin                    Rev. Jeff Hamrick             Rev. Todd McCullough

            Director                           Pastor Support                   Pastor Support              Providence UMC            Troutman First UMC               New Salem UMC

                  Charlotte, NC                   Troutman, NC                        Statesville, NC                   


Note From the Leadership Team

We are delighted that you have come to our website.  Whether you have a personal

need or you want to make a financial contribution to support the ministry or you

want to know more, we are pleased you are here.  We believe that God has called

Our United Methodist Churches in the county to seek out new ways to serve families

with various needs.  We also believe that God’s call is reflected in the ways we create

positive energy in our churches that is exciting and contagious in the community.

So we welcome your interest!


                Jim                                     Jeff                                               Todd

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